PlayZone Lincoln – BigFun Hull

October half term – starting Monday 26 October

October half term - starting Monday 26 October

It’s the school holidays. Is it just us or has it really been 6 weeks since the schools went back after the summer break? For the next few months the school holidays are going to be wintery and wet – what are you going to do with the children? Outdoor play won’t be a dependable option but the children’s energy levels remain high regardless of the weather. We have a great option….treat them to a visit to PlayZone Lincoln or Big Fun Hull. They all arrive full of energy , its quite clear they need to let off some steam. 2 hours on our huge play frame is the answer. The weather can’t spoil what we have to offer and there is a very strong chance the kids will leave exhausted, ready for a good night’s sleep….perfect! P.S, let’s not tell them just how good for them a 2 hour session of physical activity really is!

We are open every day from 10am. We look forward to seeing you. And don’t forget our loyalty scheme, the more you play the more you save!